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Product name: Felodipine

CAS Number:72509-76-3
Molecular Formula:C18H19Cl2NO4
Molecular Weight:384.26
Melting Point:142-145 oC

Alias : wave according set, chlorobenzene than acridine
indications :
applied to the goods of the period of treatment of hypertension, particularly suited with renal dysfunction. Renault levy, asthma, gout and diabetes in hypertensive patients. Right pulmonary hypertension or renal hypertension effectively. The goods were also treatment of heart failure and angina.
consumption usage :
oral tablets each 5-10mg daily two to three times; Each sustained-release tablets of 10 mg, once daily.
Note :
1. The main headache, dizziness, fever flu, facial flushing, palpitations, fatigue, ankle edema. 2. Higher doses can cause hypotension and tachycardia. 3. Pregnant women and lactating women banned, and serious liver and kidney dysfunction were careful. The elderly removal has slowed, the dose is reduced.
specifications : tablet : 5 mg / tablet, 10 mg / tablet sustained-release tablets : 10 mg / tablet.